It had been 11 months together, 11 of the best months of his life and he was enjoying every minute that he had with her. He had not known such happiness in a very long time. Actually, he racked his brain but couldn’t remember the last time he had been so happy.

She was 6 months pregnant, he remembered the day that she told him the news, he had been so excited that this time, he actually whooped for joy, gave her a great big hug, lifting her up and spinning her around laughing and crying at the same time.

They had moved in together a month of her getting pregnant and every day he’d rush home to see her and their unborn child, he made sure that she would lack nothing. Even when she woke him up in the middle of the night asking for pork ribs from her favourite restaurant, although she knew that they closed at 11pm, he would oblige. He had a system for this though, he would pass by the restaurant, order the ribs and store them away in the back of the fridge when he came home and when she’d ask for the ribs, he’d take them out and pop them into the oven, take a quick run through the streets, come back and serve the ribs to her and most times he’d end up eating them because on most nights, between the asking of the food and the presentation of the same she would have lost her appetite.

He didn’t mind the mood-swings either, she was carrying his baby, she had the liberty to pretty much put him through hell. He was committed to supporting her in any way she needed him to.

His phone buzzed, it was his secretary reminding him of his 3pm meeting. He dreaded those afternoon management meetings, most times they dragged on for ages and nothing constructive was agreed on. He usually looked for a way to avoid them but today he had no excuse. He walked to the boardroom hoping that the meeting would not take 3 hours like it did last time. Arthur, the CEO had regaled them with a story of how he got a hole in one when he played golf with the board. It was a good story, apart from the fact that it was made up and they had heard the story 1000 times over. Everyone in the company had heard the story, they were tired of hearing it.

He had left his cell phone with his secretary, he didn’t like distractions when he was in meeting but she was under instructions to inform him immediately if Janet called.

The meeting, it seemed, went on for ages, he was tired of discussing the same old things getting to the same conclusions and Arthur overruling them all and doing whatever he thought was best at the end of the day. He kept looking at the clock, doodled on his notepad and wished that he had come for the meeting with his phone, at least that way he would have checked in on Janet. She had a doctors appointment that afternoon and he wanted to know what the doctor had said. He was sure she and the baby were ok but still felt nervous about it.

He rushed back to his office, hoping to pick his bag and phone and rush out of the office before anyone decided they needed him to sigh this or approve that. He just wanted to hear her voice, find out how the doctors appointment went and cuddle on the couch watching a movie, or rather he’d watch the movie and she’d ask questions about the movie after every 20 minutes.

He found guys crowded around the TV in the reception, quiet, all staring at the TV, “….there have been no demands that have been given at this time..” squeaked the voice on the TV.

“what’s going on?” he asked the guy closest to him

“armed men have taken over Saving Grace hospital” the guy responded

“Janet is there” he shouted as he grabbed the reception phone and dialled out her number he held on to the receiver tightly listening to it ring on the other side, praying that she picks up.

The phone rang for way too long, he couldn’t just stand there and wait for the phone to be picked, he rushed to his office, picked up his car keys and phone and rushed out. he got into his car and squealed out of the parking lot, driving like a mad man, dialling her number with one hand as he tried his best to manoeuvre his way through the traffic praying all the way that she was ok.


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